Week In Pictures

14th – 20th August 2017


First Paid Modelling Shoot Experience

Hey everyone!

I’m so sorry I’ve been a little awol from the old school posts, I just have so little time anymore! I just thought I’d share this experience as i’m just so over the moon with how this went!

Ella Rose has been signed on to a management agency for a couple of months now – The Drama Mob Management, they’re based in Manchester and are the north west’s leading talent management.

Well earlier this month, Ella Rose got asked to be involved in her first job. A littlewoods shoot (talk about throwing her in at the deep end). I couldn’t even decide how I felt in the days progressing towards it! I was so excited but so nervous about how it would be, if she’d like it, how she would act etc.

But I need not worry, the shoot was on the 29th of July, in Speke, right near liverpool airport, about a 40 minute drive from us, which Ella slept right through!

We arrived at the same time as 14 month old Caleb and his dad and nan, who Ella was very excited to meet. 

The company were incredibly welcoming, they had laid out juice and snacks on a table surrounded by comfy sofas for us to relax on whilst they created the photo set, they came and introduced themselves, and the babies tried on their outfit for sizing.

They took it in turns to have their photo taken, just one outfit each for the A/W launch, which they will be featured on the website and in the catalogue. 

Ella was a complete angel the whole time, she absolutely loved the attention and just breezed through the whole thing.

We then left and she slept the whole way back, and still had her afternoon nap (all this modelling thing is clearly exhausting)

I can’t wait to see what else we get to do with this agency – I couldn’t be prouder of my little girl!

Hope you’re all doing well and I hope you’re enjoying the little posts I get chance to do!

Heres some pictures from the day!

8 Months Old


– Can do a few steps holding just her walker

– Can play peek-a-boo


Goes down between 6:30-7, wakes once for a bottle, wakes for the day between 6:30 and 8


Having 7oz bottles, fluctuates the amount depending on size of meals, usually 3/4 bottles a day, has 3 meals a day and a snack

Things she loves

-having no clothes on


-playing peek-a-boo


-holding your hands and walking around


-being made jump😂

Things she hates

-being tired

-having her bum changed

-not being able to see mummy

-not being the centre of attention

-having her face wiped

-not being able to reach something


-In 6-9 clothes

-size 4+ nappies

-21lb 8oz

Extras I want to remember

Ella Rose is such a character, so unbelievably cheeky with such a wise mind, such a good girl, so blessed to call her mine